When I bought this house in 1992 it was a pretty ordinary stucco bungalow.   Over the next 15 years I spent quite a bit of time designing and building the gardens and decks and remodeling the interior.

The House at 150 Baldwin St.

Garden Tour

In May 2004 my garden on Baldwin St. was featured on the Santa Cruz Baroque Festival Garden Tour!

150 Baldwin St. Slideshow

An survey of the results of some of the improvements to my old house.  Most of these shots were taken just before I sold it in Fall 2004.   

Front Yard

It took 10 yrs to get around to and another 2 to finish, but I finally got my front yard rebuilt just the way I wanted it.   

Back Yard   

Demolishing and rebuilding the back yard was the first big project I took on when I bought the house in 1992. 

Fireplace Project

Upgrading my fireplace with stone veneer and a sandstone mantle.  Originally part of the kitchen/dining remodeling project but not finished until 2004.

Stained Concrete Projects

I reused a lot of the broken concrete pieces left over from demolishing the original back patio.  Eventually I developed a bit of a mania for this technique .   

Kitchen Remodel

in 2000 I did a complete remodel of my kitchen and dining room with custom maple cabinets, granite counters, stone veneer and stainless steel.