Bicycling Spain, Morocco and Turkey, 2008  

Kate and I began this this trip in November 2007 when we landed in Malaga, Spain with only a vague intention to see what we could of Morocco by bicycle.  Little did we know it would become a 9 month journey through opposite ends of the Mediterranean.

Our initial plan was simply to take the ferry from Malaga to North Africa, but we ended up spending a few weeks side-tracked in Andalusia, cycling through hilly olive and wine-making regions, artists' enclaves, and the historic Moorish kingdoms of Seville and Granada.

After we could procrastinate no longer, we took the ferry from Gibraltar to Spainish Ceuta, then crossed the Moroccan frontier and cycled our way down the Mediterranean and up into the Rif Mountains.  Crossing to the Atlantic, we followed that coastline - with side trips to Fez and Meknes - down past Casablanca and Essouira as far as Sidi Ifni, then to Marrakech to begin a final month of cycling over the High Atlas mountains, exploring the area around Ouarzazate and south into the Sahara.

After regrouping in Marrakech, we flew to Istanbul and began another 4 months cycle touring through Turkey: down the Aegean coastline past Ismir, around the Mediterranean coastline - with a detour to Greek Rhodos and a sailing trip through the Turkish Riviera - past Olympos to Antalya, then by bus via Ankara to the Black Sea.  Following the hilly coastline east we finally reached the border of Georgia, finishing up by bussing back to Istanbul via Amasya.

Spain 2007

We spent about 3 weeks cycling through southern Spain, seeing alot of small hill towns as well as the great cultural centers of Seville and Granada.  A bonus excursion to British Gibraltar completed our time in the Euro zone.

Turkey - Aegean and Mediterranean, 2008

Continuing our 2008 bike trip, we flew to Istanbul and spent 3 months cycling south along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

Morocco 2008

Our 4 months cycling in Morocco took us from north to south, along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines, then shifting over to Marrakech and over the High Atlas and south into the Sahara Desert.

Turkish Gület Cruise

We took a week off the bikes for a cruise along the Aegean coastline on a traditional Turkish gulet sailboat.  This 32m boat was manned by a Turkish/English crew, and we shared it with only five other tourists.  Starting from Marmaris we followed the bays, inlets and coastal islands, ending up in the town of Fethiye.

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Turkey - Ankara and the Black Sea, 2008

Shifting from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea, we spent a few weeks cycling the coastline to the Georgian border and up into the Kaçkar mountains.